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Does Smoking Cannabis Harm Your Lungs?

Does Smoking Cannabis Harm Your Lungs?

One of the most common ways of consuming cannabis is by smoking, which is considered to be safe by many of its users. But is this idea true in reality? If you have wondered about the same thing, then here is your answer.

Is it Harmful?

Yes, cannabis indeed has some benefits for your overall health, but often, the users relate this to their lung health as well. The truth is, inhaling any kind of smoke is harmful to your lungs, be it from wood, tobacco, or marijuana. The smoke from such materials contains many toxins and carcinogens that have been linked to various diseases amongst its users, mainly throat and lung diseases.

What’s more, smoking cannabis can harm not only your lungs but also other’s lungs who are present near you. Exposure to secondhand smoke exposes them to similar levels of toxins and carcinogens as the user themself.


There are two main reasons why smoking cannabis may be harmful to your lungs as well as your throat.

Added Tobacco for Smoother Experience

First, many users tend to mix cannabis with tobacco to give it a smooth texture. If you do this, then you are exposing your lungs to the harmful toxins and carcinogens present in tobacco, as well as those present in cannabis smoke. This is just like smoking a cigarette, albeit with a longer high. If you enjoy smoking cannabis, then you should use smoother strains that cause less irritation to your throat, so you don’t have to use tobacco.

Deep Inhalation for Better High

Second, while smoking marijuana, users tend to inhale deeply and hold their breath for some time to let their lungs properly absorb the THC. But, the issue here is that, though doing this gives a better high, it also gives your lungs more time to also absorb all the tar that is present in the smoke. So far, there have been no remedies for this as burning cannabis also does produce toxins that cause tar.

So what are the kind of diseases it can cause?

Well, the list is long and varied, and it depends on your usage. At the very least, smoking cannabis irritates your throat and lung, which is why you cough when you smoke. On the other hand, smoking a lot of marijuana can damage the inner cell lining of your lungs or large airways, which can lead to various symptoms such as chronic cough, wheezes, phlegm production, and even acute bronchitis. And, in the worst-case scenario, it can cause chronic bronchitis, or lung or throat cancer.

What are the Alternatives?

Now, if you are a casual cannabis user who only uses it once in a while for recreational purposes, then smoking cannabis will not cause any major harm (though it can still irritate your lungs and throat). However, if you consume cannabis regularly, then you should opt for an alternate method of consumption. You can either use edibles or oils to mix in your beverages or food, or you can use topical rubs to apply on your skin (though they are not as intoxicating)

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