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Everything You Need to Know About the Beer Brewing Process

Everything You Need to Know About the Beer Brewing Process

The craft beer scene in Edmonton is brewing with many local breweries popping up around the streets of the city, with some of the unique brews in the world, from Fish Bone New England IPA by Alley Kat Brewing Company, to The Wolf by Blind Enthusiasm Brewing. And the beer brewing process is an art in itself. So, if you are curious about it, then here is the entire process, simplified.

Step 1. Preparing the Water

The first step in preparing craft beer is preparing the water. In this meticulous process, the right kind of water is essential to the brewing process. So if the water does not have the right amount of calcium or acidic content, then the beer may taste flat or bland.

Step 2. Milling and Producing Malt

The grains, either raw barley, wheat, oat, or rye, are dried (and sometimes roasted). Then, they are crushed together to break up their kernels and to extract the fermentable sugars. This milled produce is called grist.

Step 3. Mash Conversion and Lautering

Here, the grist is transferred into a mash tun where it is mixed with hot water (not boiling) and let sit for a couple of hours. This process is similar to that of preparing tea. The water helps the enzymes break the malt’s starch down into sugars. In the end, a sweet liquid is produced, called wort. After a couple of hours, the mash is pumped into a lauter tun to separate wort from the grain husks.

Step 4. Boiling the Wort

Once the wort is separated, it is then collected into a kettle that is brought to boil. The boiling of the wort is controlled meticulously. This boiling process eliminates any unpleasant aroma and solidifies proteins so that they can drop out.

Step 5. Adding the Hops

While boiling, hops, a green cone-like fruit, is also added to the wort. This plant provides some bitterness that balances out the sweetness of the wort. And it also acts as a natural preservative.

Step 6. Wort Separation and Cooling

Once the boiling process is complete, the wort is transferred into a whirlpool to remove any malt or hop granules. After this, the wort is allowed to cool down for some time before the fermentation process begins.

Step 7. Fermentation and Maturation

Here, the wort is first put into a vessel, and then yeast is added too. The yeast converts the sugary wort into beer by producing alcohol, as well as carbon dioxide and flavours. After fermentation, the beer is stored for some time to allow maturation to allow the full development of the character and smooth texture of the beer.

Step 8. Filtration, Carbonation, and Cellaring

Eventually, the beer is then filtered and carbonated to add some fizz that improves the flavour. Then, the prepared brew goes through cellaring, where it is stored for 3-4 weeks. Once that is complete, the beer is ready to serve.

This is the meticulous beer brewing process that your favourite craft beer goes through before it reaches you. For more details and information on the beer brewing process in Edmonton, stay tuned to Twisted Tiger Marketing, an online directory of craft beer and cannabis industry of the city.


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