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Get to Know the Difference Types of Cannabis

Get to Know the Difference Types of Cannabis

The cannabis industry of Alberta is booming, and more people are heading to the cannabis stores. Once inside the stores, they discover the many types of cannabis on the shelves and get confused. They end up picking the wrong kind that they won’t enjoy as much.

If you are one of them, then don’t worry. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right type of cannabis to help you, be it for just relaxing, painting, or having fun with your friends.

Basic Types of Cannabis

When purchasing cannabis, you must’ve come across the three most common types: Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. In the past, these were considered the benchmark for predicting the effects or high, like:

Sativa was famous for its invigorating and uploading cerebral effects, perfect for social gatherings and physical activities. Indica was considered physically sedating, perfect for relaxing, watching a movie, or going to sleep. And, the hybrid cannabis was a mixture of both.

However, recent research proves that this type of classification of cannabis wasn’t really accurate and consistent. According to Amos Elber, the head of data science at Confident Cannabis, these terms are more or less meaningless.

Strains of Cannabis

Enter, strains of cannabis. Strains as essentially categories that are formulated according to the cannabinoid and terpene content. CBD produces the high, and terpene produces the smell. So when choosing any cannabis products, always consider their strain.

Here are the top types of cannabis strains and the resulting effects.

Afghan Kush

Perhaps the most popular strain of cannabis, Afghan Kush, comes from the Hindu Kush region shared by Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is known for its super relaxing and sleep-inducing high.

Sour Diesel

On the other hand, Sour Diesel is a highly energizing strain, perfect if you want a burst of energy to do some work. It is also a mood-lifting strain, so when you are feeling low, it can get you high.

LA Confidential

This is another relaxing strain that is most popular for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It is excellent if you want to relax but don’t want to feel sleepy.

Maui Wowie

The Maui Wowie strain is for those who are looking for a burst of creativity. This relaxing strain energizes your mind so you can use it when you want to be creative.

Pineapple Express

Named after the 2008 stoner movie, Pineapple Express, this strain is famous for its funky pineapple-like scent, and the energetic buzz it induces. It is a great mood-lifting yet relaxing strain.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is yet another soothing strain, but it does not make you feel sleepy. It has some anti-inflammatory properties, so it is perfect for cramps. It is also quite mood lifting.

Acapulco Gold

This famous strain originates from Acapulco, Mexico, and is renowned for its euphoric and energetic high. It can help you deal with stress and fatigue.

These are just some of the types of cannabis strains that you can find in Edmonton. Do note that some companies name their products after such strains as a marketing tactic. So always do some research before choosing your cannabis.

Love learning about the cannabis industry in Edmonton? Stay tuned to Twisted Tiger Marketing for more.


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