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How Can Hemp Revolutionize Our World?

How Can Hemp Revolutionize Our World?

Hemp production was legalized in 1998 in Canada, but the farmers were restricted to only harvesting the seeds and stems of the plant. The rest of the plant was discarded since it contained CBD. But since the legalization of marijuana with the Cannabis Act, hemp farming has become much more accessible, and now, the farmers can harvest the entire plant and send it to other industries. As per the 2017 consensus, there were 45,000 acres of hemp plants in the province, which is growing even more now.

This is a great thing for the world, as the hemp industry is poised to grow further and revolutionize the world in many ways. There are over 55,000 uses of hemp, but here are some of the most significant ways in which it can change the world for the better.

It can Produce Biodegradable Plastics

Annually, Canadians use billions of tons of plastic materials that can take up to 400-1000 years to decompose. These plastics are made up of cellulose that is sourced from petroleum, which is highly toxic for the environment. On the other hand, hemp can be used to create biodegradable plastic that is made up of eco-friendly, biodegradable cellulose, effectively reducing the strain on the environment due to plastic waste.

Its Fabric is Non-Toxic

Unlike synthetic fabrics that are manufactured from polymer-based petrochemicals, the fabric produced from hemp does not leave any kind of chemical residue. That is, hemp can be used to create clothing that is highly durable, biodegradable, as well as UV resistant. Moreover, producing hemp does not require burning tons of gas, coal or crude oil.

It Reduces Carbon Emissions

The hemp industry, specifically hemp farms, are capable of transforming the environment. It is one of the unique plants that can reduce carbon emissions through a rapid intake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; this process is called carbon sequestration. Essentially, for every ton of hemp that is produced, 164 tons of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere.

It can be Used to Build Safer Homes

The use of hemp can also extend into your everyday life, specifically, your homes. Hemp can be used to produce fibre boards that are not only stronger and lighter than those made of wood, but they are also healthier when compared to fibreglass or drywall. Additionally, hemp-based fibre boards are mould resistant. So, hemp can make living in your home safer as well as cheaper.

It is a Great Alternative to Wood

A study by Nature journal suggests that annually, 15 billion trees are cut down. Here, hemp can replace wood as a source of paper, building materials, and other wood-based products. For example, an acre of hemp can produce 4x more paper than an acre of wooded forest. This can save billions of trees from cutting down annually, significantly helping the environment.

It can Curb World Hunger

Nearly 800 million people in the world are undernourished. Here, hemp can step in as an inexpensive superfood that is easy to grow since it also restores soil’s health. Hemp can be used to produce oil, flour, and even hemp milk—it is versatile, and it contains all the necessary nutrients. Hence, hemp can become a staple crop that can change people’s lives.

Of course, these are only some of the points. With thousands of uses, hemp is the key to restoring the health of Earth and restore the damage done by decades of petroleum-based industries.

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