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Most Common Myths About Hemp

Most Common Myths About Hemp

Until the legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018, hemp was misclassified as a Schedule 1 drug along with marijuana. As a result, there is a lot of stigma around hemp. Many people don’t know that Alberta has had thousands of acres of hemp plantations for decades, though strictly regulated.

The same stigma has caused many misconceptions, which is not only harming the hemp industry in Edmonton but also limiting the potential benefits of hemp. Hence, here are some of the top myths about hemp, busted.

Hemp is Intoxicating

The biggest myth is that hemp and marijuana are the same and that both are intoxicating. This is not true, although both do belong to the same family of the cannabis sativa plant. Recreational and medical marijuana has up to 25% THC, and hemp only has 0.03%, which is negligible. Thus, it is impossible to get high on hemp, unlike marijuana, that is quite intoxicating.

It is Addictive

On the same lines, hemp is also quoted as addictive by many people because it has cannabinoids (CBD). In reality, CBD in itself, does not have any intoxicating effects. And there is no scientific evidence or data that even hints at hemp being addictive.

Hemp Causes You to Fail Drug Tests

Another myth is that hemp food can cause you to fail drug tests. Drug tests are based on the levels of THC present in your body, and since hemp is only 0.03% THC, it is impossible to fail a drug test. In fact, poppy seeds are more likely to cause a drug test failure for you! Hemp is a superfood that contains all the essential omegas, so you should definitely add it to your meals without worrying about drug tests.

Hemp Industry can Ruin the Recreational Industry

It is true that hemp is a super easy plant to grow, and that its pollen can travel long distances. This somewhat threatens the integrity of other plants, but hemp will not ruin the recreational industry. The process of growing hemp is quite different from that of marijuana. Where hemp can be grown easily anywhere, marijuana requires special care and procedures to grow. This organized infrastructure of the recreational industry separates it from hemp.

Hemp will Save the World

There is no doubt that hemp is highly sustainable and clean, but it is a long way from solving all the world problems. Sure, it can make it easier, but it cannot restore the environment. Keep in mind that large scale productions by the hemp industry will cause deforestation in some parts of the world. Hence, hemp should be praised for its many benefits, but not romanticized as the all-saving plant for the world.

Hemp is great. It can indeed improve our lives in many ways, from producing biodegradable plastics to being a superfood with all essential omegas. With these misconceptions cleared, you can now use hemp and reap the benefits!

Stay tuned to Twisted Tiger Marketing for more useful information about the marijuana and hemp industry of Edmonton.


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