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The Introduction of Hemp Toilet Paper in Canada

The Introduction of Hemp Toilet Paper in Canada

According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, from 1996 to 2015, over 28 million acres of the Canadian boreal forests were logged, mostly for toilet paper materials. This is roughly equivalent to the size of Ohio. This had a significant impact on the environment as logging released hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air. What’s more, logging of these forests endangers over 600 indigenous communities, and treasured wildlife species like Canada lynx and American marte.

Such destruction of animal habitats, indigenous cultures, and the unregulated emissions of greenhouse gases means that our conventional toilet papers aren’t the most environmentally friendly. And despite having such serious consequences, the multi-billion dollar corporations like Procter & Gamble (P&G) are not unfazed in their approach.

However, a new way is emerging to challenge all of this is hemp toilet paper. Thanks to the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, and the already established hemp industry, there is a new market emerging that relies on hemp-based raw materials for various good reasons. But focusing only on toilet paper for now, here is why hemp-based toilet paper is the better alternative, and why it is the future of toilet paper in Canada.

Easy to Manufacture

Hemp toilet paper is a fantastic alternative to wood pulp-based toilet paper. For starters, the wood-based toilet paper is sourced from old-growth trees that are pulled out from the ground. But hemp-based toilet paper is grown on farmlands, which is much easier. According to the Ecological Agriculture Projects, an acre of hemp can produce as much toilet paper as 4-10.1 acres of woodlands.

Additionally, another way of producing hemp toilet paper is by recycling the waste generated from the recreational cannabis industry. It is an excellent source of raw materials since the cannabis industry is forced to throw away all the cannabis plants that aren’t harvested for recreational sales. Instead, these throwaway plants can be diverted to the hemp toilet paper industry.

Safe on the Environment

Hemp has over 50,000 uses, but it is so easy to grow and harvest without significant carbon emissions. This eco-friendly quality stays with hemp even after it is manufactured, processed, and discarded. Plus, there are numerous other advantages. One, it does not build up in personal and city septic systems. Two, it is highly decomposable, so it does not harm the environment that way. Three, it can be recycled up to eight times, unlike petroleum-based toilet paper that can only be recycled three times.

Better Experience

As for the users, hemp-based toilet paper is also softer and smoother, giving a much better wiping experience. It also does not go through lengthy processing, so it is not compounded with bleach or additional chemicals like formaldehyde. This clean composition is extra beneficial for individuals with hemorrhoids and vaginal sensitivities.

While hemp toilet papers are not yet mass-produced and distributed, there is definitely an emerging industry that will take full form in the coming years. Already, small companies like Hempies Paper and Hemp So Soft are producing brilliant quality hemp toilet papers. This is just the introduction, and soon, there will be an industry that will compete with the otherwise dangerous conventional toilet paper industry — eventually, making the use of toilet paper much safer!


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